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First, put publisher's name, publication number and the title of the pattern in the title box.

Add a picture that you have taken of the pattern.

Describe the pattern by letting people know a little bit about the pattern; year published (if available), type of yarn used, what articles can be made from the pattern, the level of experience needed, etc.

If you are a vender add a link. The easiest way around the code is to type the name of your store, highlight it and press the "add link" button. It should have two brackets around it and your name will look like this:

[ [LaStade Designs] ]

Copy the url from your store page and paste it between the first two brackets in front of your store name.

It should end up like this .....[xxxx:// [LaStade Designs] ] (the xxxx represents http)

Add an asterisk in front of the first bracket and remove the brackets around your store name. It should look like this......*[xxxx:// LaStade Designs]

If you know of any discussions, blogs forums about the pattern, add a link to that.

If you would like to show off a finished project or additional photos add a gallery.


The categories will link pages together. Add a category for the pattern's publisher, pattern type, needlework type and the Browse all Patterns. The pop-up list will allow you to choose one quick. Example: for the pattern "Scripture Afghan," I would choose Leisure Arts as the pattern's publisher, For the Home, for the pattern type and Crochet Pattern for Needlwork Type.

It should look like this:

Categories: Leisure Arts | Browse All Patterns | For the Home | Crochet Pattern